About the Farm

Edgie's Veggies is an urban farm in St. Paul, MN started in 2019 by Jesse Edgington with the help of dedicated friends & family, and a super-duper, loving wife. We focus our growing energy on salad greens because we want you to experience the true pleasure, nourishment and value of extremely fresh, tasty salads. Good salad greens should be so flavorful that we don't even want to add dressing. All too often, though, we drown them as consolation for making the healthy choice. 

As farmers and food-lovers, we get tremendous joy out of getting the tastiest leaf to your table. To that end, we obsess over the craft, skill, and mysterious art of nurturing soil and plant life, bettering our product season after season. If done right, food can go beyond tasting good; food can be medicine (note: our produce does not taste like medicine) that heals our bodies from the inside out.

Want to know more?
-Drop us an email, edgie@edgiesveggies.com
-Follow us on Instagram @edgiesveggies
-Visit us at the St. Paul Farmer's Market, 290 5th Street East, St. Paul, MN
Saturdays 7am-1pm, May-October